layer chicken battery cage
Whats the layer chicken battery cage? The layerchicken cage is a kind of poultrybattery cage,poultry farmingequipment, specially used to raisingeggs-laying hens.12~16weeks old layer chicken can be removed into the chicken cage,Because it can
 What’s the layer chicken battery cage?
The layer chicken cage is a kind of poultry battery cage, poultry farming equipment, specially used to raising eggs-laying hens.12~16weeks old layer chicken can be removed into the chicken cage, Because it can increase the egg production rate and effectively reduce the spread of diseases.

1. why prefer layer chicken cage?
①automatic chicken drinking systems.
nipple drinker and water pipe, automatic water out when chicken mouth touch drinker
②simple manual feeding systems.
feeding tough, add chicken feed manually
③excellent spatial structure design
eggs bottom mesh design for collection eggs, Stacked structure can raise more layers
④easy installation
Will provided the installation video for our customers

Layer cage structure

Drinking system
1. Water tank 2.  Pipe connector
3. Water pipe 4. Nipple drinker
Feeding system
5. Feeding trough 6. Feeding trough hook
7. Feeding trough supporter  
Cage mesh and cage frame
8. Cage frame 9. Cage mesh
10. eggs collection mesh  

2. specification
We have electric galvanized chicken battery cage and hot dip galvanized layer chicken cage for sales.of couse,there are so many different specification based on different method,if you have any special request on surface treatment,accessories,capacity per set,then we can make customrized product.
According to the capacity per set, the specification of A type as follows
SL-A96 SL-A120 SL-A128 SL-A160
3tiers/4 doors 3 tiers /5 doors
4 tiers /4 doors 4 tiers /5 doors
Cell capacity
4 birds 4 birds 4 birds 4 birds
Cell size (L*W*H) 49cm*36cm*40cm
Surface treatment and service life Electric galvanized,zinc coating≤8g/M²(lifespan:5~10years)
Hot dipped galvanized,zinc coating≤275g/M²(lifespan:10~15years)
Note:the service lifespan depends on the surrounding environment.


1. below 2000 birds
Our suggestion was that you can only buy the chicken battery cage, its drinking system is automated ,poultry farmers should put feed into chicken trough, picked eggs and remove the droppings manuelly, 
2. between 5000 birds to 10000birds
Beside battery cage,we suggest that phurchasing the manure removal systems, removing chicken dropping timely can help to reduce chicken dropping smell ,the disease,saving the labor cost. the manure scraper removal machine is the most economical type.there are also poultry feed scrusher and mixer,manure drying machine too. 
3. 10000+ birds
you may need to get fully automatic equipment including battery cage, automatic chicken feeder, automatic egg collector, as well as manure scraper (automatic manure removal system).
Farmers could have 4 or 5 houses to contain, large one should consider some automatic equipment, 1 or 2 person manages a house, auto feeding hopper, auto egg collection and manure removal system, feed mill and manure drying machine too.
4. If the scale of your operation exceeds 50,000 chickens, you will need a feed silo. For less than 50,000 chickens you can just use one screw conveyor to convey the food to the hopper. If you want to build a closed system, you need to know that an exhaust fan and cooling pad are necessary environment control equipment items. If you use an open system and the weather is hot, you can use a fogger.
Above is our experience with our customers.
How to choose the chicken farm equipment you need?
5 why choose us?
1. best raw material selection and longer lifespan
Carbon content decides the metal wire hardness and tenacity , we choose low carbon steel wire  from  biggest steel factory in China.
Surface treatment will protect cages from corrosion and rust,hot dipped galvanized chicken cage lifespan 10~15year

2. All necessary accessories are included

3. well packeage and timely shipping insurance
The cage and frame are no package , some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box.
Less of full container: below 80 sets, first packed with plastic film then on the pallets
Full container: Nude packing 

4. poultry chicken house layout design
The ventilation is much more better than rearing on ground,reducing disease spread. Improved survival rate of chickens.

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